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Atheist Scruples: “I’m in love with a man nearly twice my age..”

Your 19 year old finally introduces you to the person s/he has been dating. The person is 35. Do you express opposition? You never know who you’ll fall for. I might express some shock and wonder how the hell that … Continue reading

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“Let Jesus lead you to friendships!” — I know how to make friends, thanks.

You’ll never guess who I’m picking on today. Then again, maybe you will. If you read this blog regularly, you’ll know I’m fond of letters written by to Billy Graham because the advice Graham gives isn’t always the most useful … Continue reading

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Tried speed dating last night

There’s a business here called Positive Passions that’s started up a service. It’s still in its infancy so attendance levels are small but they hope as more people find out about it they’ll be able to target for demographic a … Continue reading

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Relationships getting back to olden days thinking

Sort of. GPS dating apps are taking the hunt for a partner to new levels: local proximity levels of the kind our great-grandparents likely dealt with in their home towns and farm areas. People get getting back to the idea … Continue reading

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Interesting slice of relationship spam today

…or from some other day. I don’t check that can of spam very often to see how much is in there. But, one of the spammy things referred to a post of mine getting linked to getyourexbacktogether.net and notice I’m … Continue reading

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