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Armchair art critics decide art is inappropriate

In particular, a piece at the New York Met. (via the article) The piece, “Thérèse Dreaming” by the French artist Balthus, “sexualizes” the girl by depicting her lounging in a skirt with her knee up on a chair, according to … Continue reading

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Quotable Friendly Atheist

At least, Muhammad Syed, quoted on Friendly Atheist: There will never be reform or improvement if you are unwilling to even hear out ideas that are threatening to your beliefs. The complete lack of introspection, self-criticism, and demands for improvement … Continue reading

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Quotable open mind

I quote from this: I know many Christians who learn to defend their faith by reading the works of Christian philosophers. Personally, I prefer to read the works of committed atheists such as Ayn Rand (who offers some of the … Continue reading

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Cracked offers up 6 hated great novels

I love Cracked. It’s a superb website for shit like this. Me being such a book nerd, of course I have to go through this list myself. These are all classic books that were not well received when first published. … Continue reading

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Quotable new hero

I’ve only read Blindness, but now I feel compelled to check out more of Jose Saramago’s books. Why? A row broke out in Portugal on Monday after a Nobel Prize-winning author denounced the Bible as a “handbook of bad morals”. … Continue reading

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“Lost Symbol” writer lost ability to write, apparently…

…if it could ever be argued Dan Brown has ever been good at what he does. Fans seem to think so. Critics, not so much. This selection of poor writing examples is entertaining and educational. Don’t write sentences like this: … Continue reading

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