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Atheist Scruples: how to get ahead in business

The question may be a bit out of date: You are an illustrator struggling for recognition. You can’t get past a secretary to see an editor. Do you lie and say a prominent critic sent you? These days it’s less … Continue reading

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God loves poetry? No wonder people keep looking for what rhymes with Jesus

Via Melvillehouse Publishing I learn of a group trying to bring good out of the vitriol spewed by Westboro Baptist Church. Using the press releases published by the WBC, the poets erase the words they don’t want and what’s left … Continue reading

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Iran bans musical expression?

I guess I’m not really surprised by this article found in the Guardian regarding Islam extremism and another attempt to stop people from being human beings, this time by restricting something that’s so much a part of the human experience. … Continue reading

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Can computer music have a soul?

Now that the Man and I have regrouped, we’re back to having all those stellar rambling conversations that made hanging out with him so much fun in the first place. Last week we’d arranged for coffee out and after the … Continue reading

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Creative advice please

So, a casual co-worker and I got onto the topic of creative writing today. She’s published a few things and has been involved with various writing groups in town and has passed a few sites my way for future possible … Continue reading

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We need to redefine the word “Creationist”

Eureka! Throw me a towel. I can’t believe nobody’s thought of this before. I can’t be the first one to consider this tactic as the be all, end all, last straw to all that is stupid about creationism. I think … Continue reading

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Thoughts about obsession

So, the Man (as I shall fondly call him) and I were having yet another one of our delightful rambled conversations – the kind created by two people who have discovered they have quite a lot in common yet still … Continue reading

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