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Creationism isn’t science. It will never be science.

It doesn’t matter how many people want to see Creationism in the science classroom, it’s never going to belong there. Unfortunately, a recent teacher’s survey in Britain found that nearly a third of them would like it to be. Of … Continue reading

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I’m not a creationist

October 23rd has come and gone but for creationists it marked a big day for the Earth: its birthday. For them it’s 6011 years old now. In the 1650s, an Anglican bishop named James Ussher published his “Annals of the … Continue reading

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Forbidden History – Peter Bros and Flood theory

This is part 2 of my series featuring articles from Forbidden History edited by J. Douglas Kenyon. All articles in this book have been plucked from Atlantis Rising, a bimonthly magazine which Kenyon also edits. The first part was based … Continue reading

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A creative response to creationism

Via FARK: Stephen Geddes approaches the dilemma of Noah having room for the dinosaurs with a very nice piece of sculpture, obviously entitled Jurassic Ark. The “Jurassic Ark” sculpture is the artist’s “sardonic response” to the Creation Museum, a 60,000 … Continue reading

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I don’t care about Mark Wahlberg’s opinions usually but this article from Starpulse amused me a little: Entourage has become a curse for Mark Wahlberg on Sundays – because people approach him in church with story lines and requests to … Continue reading

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Creotards write, but write nothing original

So this morning, I woke up to the melodious voices of Saskatchewan’s Morning Edition as usual. I was still kind of dozy, just wanting to lay there until I heard the weather report when Sheila Coles decided to read an … Continue reading

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