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How can anyone back Ken Ham?

Back away from him, yes. Back him? His brain baffles me with its illogical pronouncements. Creationist Ken Ham, who recently debated Bill Nye the Science Guy over the origins of the universe, is calling for an end to the search … Continue reading

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Christians deemed “heretics” after claiming no historical Adam and Eve

Well, almost. This NPR article was a good find; some evangelicals are starting to realize that the truths being uncovered by geneticists and other areas of science are making it harder and harder to maintain the fiction that the whole … Continue reading

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Quotable reviews about history, faith & science

The documentary about God’s wife/consort Asherah has aired across the pond now and a reviewer at the Telegraph shared his thoughts about it. He was slightly amused by the choice of ominous music and the choices of phrasing that were … Continue reading

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Creation Museum “date night” is public relations nightmare

Seems like it should be anyway. A recent attempt by the Kentucky museum to encourage ticket sales resulted in security denying two men entry on its Valentine’s date night and wouldn’t refund the tickets, either. Mark Looy, chief communications officer … Continue reading

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Jesus “supporting” literal 6 day creation doesn’t make it true

I marvel over the things Christians want to think about sometimes. Mind you, if they didn’t write about this kind of thing, what on earth would I have to write about? This opinion piece by Rhys Demman comes out of … Continue reading

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The One Minion Search Party vol. 42

What the hell did this mean, I wondered: puslespil+dinosaur Turns out puslespil is Norwegian for problem, which led me to a pile of puzzle games I’ve never played before. (Speaking of – the post that popped up on account of … Continue reading

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Glenn Beck is proof science class is important

World Net Daily is quoting him in an article saying some completely stupid shit about the evolutionary process. Were human beings created by God in an instant, or over millions of years through evolution? Glenn Beck addressed the question on … Continue reading

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I’d pay more attention to politics but…

I get scared easily. I’m glad I’m not in Delaware where Christine O’Donnell, their Repubilcan Senate primary winner, once said some very stupid shit about God and health problems. Her latest gem was revealed by Talking Points Memo, who quoted … Continue reading

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Dracula connection to a young earth?

Normally I avoid Answers in Genesis like a plague, but with a headline like that, there’s got to be some fun reading in it. Sadly I don’t know enough about vampire bats to know if John Woodmorappe is properly describing … Continue reading

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Science teacher vs creationist kids – who’ll win?

I come across this story via World Net Daily and we all know that’s “quality journalism.” But, P.Z. Myers and Hemant Mehta thought the story was worth a moment, so let’s see why. Apparently Melissa Hussain, an 8th grade science … Continue reading

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