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Virgin Mary gets a little greasy…

I found out about this via @ebertchicago yesterday. She’s on a Lay’s potato chip this time, apparently. I fail to see the similarity, but Jane Symington is going to put it on eBay anyway. Well, why not, I guess. Although … Continue reading

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Does the Chrimbo season have you cash strapped?

Last year I wrote about money and parking meters, too. And added some stuff about how much people tend to spend on gifts. (This year people claim they’ll spend less, but are they?) I gifted myself a few things I … Continue reading

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“What do you want for Giftsmas this year?”

Mom asked me that on the phone this weekend. Sheesh, it’s still the beginning of November. I don’t want to be thinking about that yet. But, she’s already got her short little list written up; I am to find season … Continue reading

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Keep the FSM in Chrifsmas

I admire crafty skill, especially for projects like this: All Praise His Noodly Appendage! Ramen!

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After years of working for a library, this alarmed me

Then I realized it was meant as an art form, not an obsessive means of rearranging an entire library’s collection for the hell of it. There was one night at work, one of the Pages had to shelve a cart … Continue reading

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