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Nibiru? Try “no”biru…

Nibiru keeps cropping up as an idea of a world killer, specifically our world. Researcher David Meade Meade predicted in his book Planet X – The 2017 Arrival, the mythical system would be visible in our skies from September 23. … Continue reading

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If it’s not a curse, then Ebola is God’s way of ridding the earth of atheists…

and abortionists and homosexuals and promiscuity in general. At least, if Rick Wiles can be believed. (News flash: he can’t.) He’s a talk show host for something called Trunews and has become convinced that Ebola will cleanse the earth and … Continue reading

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Canadian researchers reinterpret Hebrew Bible

CNN has something called iReport that allows ordinary joes to play journalist and someone from Radisson, Saskatchewan posted a short article about the Chronicle Project. If you’ve never heard of it, you’re not alone. I suspect the poster is one … Continue reading

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“Rain and rainbows are great reminders…”

that refraction is pretty damn cool. Which reminds me.. ever watch this? Hopefully kids today are learning about sunlight and the prism effect of water droplets. “That wasn’t happening 20 years ago.” Sure it hell was. I was a sprinkler … Continue reading

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