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A Question of Atheist Scruples – Round 2

I found a copy of A Question of Scruples a while back and decided it might be entertaining to go through the questions and answering them as honestly as possible. Like last time, I’ll answer three questions and add one … Continue reading

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Grr, Argh, Technology…

My home internet connection had a malfunction yesterday so I’ve had to drag my computer down to the library in order to take advantage of their free wi-fi. Luckily I went with a laptop when I chose a new computer … Continue reading

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Not so much kicking and screaming…

..but if I were into screaming over things, I’d be heard across the neighbourhood on account of new computer ownership. I finally got around to updating myself and got an Acer Aspire laptop. For all I tend to do on … Continue reading

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Can computer music have a soul?

Now that the Man and I have regrouped, we’re back to having all those stellar rambling conversations that made hanging out with him so much fun in the first place. Last week we’d arranged for coffee out and after the … Continue reading

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Thoughts about obsession

So, the Man (as I shall fondly call him) and I were having yet another one of our delightful rambled conversations – the kind created by two people who have discovered they have quite a lot in common yet still … Continue reading

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Idea..idea…idea……nope. No idea

My head’s all fuzzy from a night of Huje Tower anyway. Cripes, what an addicting little game that is. I picked it up for my iPod but it’s better played on a big screen. And it’s still hard to see … Continue reading

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Whirlwind trips and consumer quips

The folks showed up last evening with their PC tower along for the ride. I unplugged my machine and set up theirs to see what kind of error messages they were getting that had Mom in enough of a panic … Continue reading

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The best laid plans of minions and…

So my mother called work before lunch today in a panic about their computer and has insisted they need to come all the way over here and drag me all the way back to their place (nearly 3 hours both … Continue reading

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Oh, the marvelous world of computers

That was sarcasm. Hard to tell, I know. I just got off the phone with my folks. Their computer has developed another hitch – “Reboot and select proper boot device” turns up when they start it now. I don’t know … Continue reading

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“Home again home again jiggity jig”

Nothing like a few days home with family to make you really appreciate what’s most important about life. Like personal space, solitude, privacy… All in all, a good trip home. I wasn’t able to fix what was wrong with the … Continue reading

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