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Dear Saskatoon city and Transit: please make up and be friends again…

Or, if not friends, at least find a workable compromise and get the buses running again. I’m glad we forked out for a better car this year. I can’t imagine trying to do all this running around from job to … Continue reading

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It’s the perfect sign if Jesus runs for the Green Party

It’s not much of an article, sadly, but in Florissant, Missouri, Michael Mayfield was recently asked to take down his yard sign advertising Jesus. He had no idea anyone was bothered by it until he opened his mailbox one day … Continue reading

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One good thing about Christianity

Just a note ahead of this – now that the sun is up later and later every day, I’m finding it harder and harder to drag my butt out of bed early enough to do a day’s worth of posts … Continue reading

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Saskatchewan makes headlines

Pity that I wind up reading news about my own province via FARK instead of locals but hey, at least I saw the report that Saskatchewan is: essentially an urban province. More people in Saskatchewan live in urban centres than … Continue reading

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