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Question of Atheist Scruples — where cell phones solve a giant problem

The Man and I watched Adventures in Babysitting last week. I’d first seen it at my birthday party in 1988 (grade 8) and perhaps again once since. There are so many places in that film that a cell phone could … Continue reading

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Banned Book Club – 1984

Before I get into that, a bit of personal housekeeping. The poetry I posted earlier today was written in response to some emotional turmoil I went through this past year. Longtime readers may recall mention of someone only ever referred … Continue reading

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Are there Reasonable Women?

Apparently so. Saskatoon Freethinkers has a mini group meeting tonight for women who think they qualify. They let me join so I guess I qualify, too. There’s been some debate about whether or not it’s necessary to create a group … Continue reading

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A question with a very obvious answer

The question is this: How many organizations and associations would a 20-something have to join that might come close to equaling the kind of social connection made available through full activity in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? … Continue reading

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Has anyone written “The Book” on text etiquette yet?

Some back story first. I see Cracked has put together yet another great list. This time it’s 6 scientific reasons why break ups are bad for you. Their list: Friends may copy you and damage whatever they’ve got going, even … Continue reading

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Can you guess what I’m thinking?

New Scientist is reporting on interesting findings regarding eleven people who were scanned via fMRI so researchers could watch how their brains reacted to a woman telling them a story. What they discovered was pretty damned cool: The scans showed … Continue reading

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Quotable Bum

From this post: Fundamentally, skepticism is a moral and ethical position, not a specifically intellectual position. If you don’t actively cultivate the idea that it’s good to be wrong, that it’s good to be corrected, that it’s good to change … Continue reading

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This is not going to turn into an “all about me” blog, I swear!

In fact, this will be the last girly post on the main page. Any future thoughts regarding this atheist in … no, it’s too soon to even acknowledge the Big Word exists, and I’m too polite to use any dirty … Continue reading

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Saskatoon Freethinkers meet up

I found their group through Facebook and figured it was worth joining that for updates about meetings and things. They’re having a general meeting next Sunday so I RSVP’d myself. I suspect it’ll be worthwhile to get involved and meet … Continue reading

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