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Atheist Scruples 2014: women and boobs

A couple different issues trigger this one. First, should women be allowed to go topless like men can? I think the answer should be yes but that doesn’t mean I’ll want to be one of them. I’m pro-choice in many … Continue reading

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Atheist Scruples: the returns policy

I’ve never done this. You buy a jacket for a special occasion. After wearing it once, you have little use for it. Do you return it for a refund? I don’t buy it if I don’t have intention to wear … Continue reading

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A rethinking of “clothes make the man”

While poking around the interwebs for an idea, I came across this guest opinion piece by a pastor, Dr. Timothy Paul Jones. He’s writing about the challenge of dressing one’s kids appropriately in an age of low slung jeans and … Continue reading

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