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Megachurch man molested 4 year old girl – how is this news?

I’m being facetious there. It’s always news. It’s always important to know about. And it’s always a tragedy for the victims and their families. Florida televangelist Bob Coy had resigned years earlier over his use of pornography and now the … Continue reading

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Atheist Scruples: Church costs too much! Tear it down!

Actually, that headline is just for the clicks. This is a big issue in terms of history and traditions versus practicality and costs. The gracious old church where you worship is an inspiration, but the declining church membership can’t support … Continue reading

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“God loves sex,” according to new Church billboard

This is a case of a billboard doing what a billboard is supposed to do: drum up business. In this case, the business is a church, and the choice to add sex into the mix is a good way to … Continue reading

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Catholic diocese buys Crystal Cathedral

Purchase price, $57.5 million: In a letter to the court, Schuller, 85, said he could not abide the thought that Chapman University, which had tried to buy the 40-acre facility, might someday use the cathedral for non-religious purposes, the Los … Continue reading

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Hanging a For Sale sign on the doors of Crystal Cathedral

It’s come down to crunch time for the Schullers. The name of a potential buyer is set to be released on October 31st. Among the top contenders for the church campus are the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange, which is … Continue reading

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Coming soon to Canada: Rate your Pastor

Sometime in the spring there may be a site available for Canadians to have a say in how well or poor their pastors are doing. Germany is ahead on this with their “Hirten Barometer — Shepherd Barometer, in English” and … Continue reading

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If you didn’t know already, I’m obsessed with Jesus art.

My interest is on several levels. Sometimes I post about it because it gives me an opportunity to rail against censorship. Other times I remark on it because I want to mock it. Today, I’m just impressed by Stephen Sawyer. … Continue reading

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