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Quotable viewpoint

I’m on a censorship kick at the moment. I just ran across an article discussing the recent decision to publish sanitized versions of Mark Twain’s classics, Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. To quote: No one will defend the meaning behind … Continue reading

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Freedom to Read Week is coming up

It runs February 20-26 this year and people are being asked to read books that have been challenged here in Canada (pdf). Something else that looks like a good idea, the Freedom of Expression committee has partnered with Bookcrossing.com to … Continue reading

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Banned Book Club – Vernon God Little

The book earned author DBC Pierre a Man Booker prize in 2003 and was chosen as this month’s reading selection because of its content. Here’s a blurb I found at Reading Group Guides about it: When sixteen kids are shot … Continue reading

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Banned Book Club – To Kill a Mockingbird

Saskatoon Freethinkers started up an extra group within the group a few months back with the intention of reading books that have been banned or challenged for various reasons. The first book we focused on in October was The Satanic … Continue reading

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Jesus insult insults parents

Remember Smokin’ Drinkin’ Jesus? Maybe your memory isn’t as..shall we say.. specialized as mine is. Back in February I found out about a school book publisher in India that chose a hilariously bad Jesus picture for one of its lesson … Continue reading

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Christians cry foul over Apple censorship

What are they whining about now, you ask? It’s about something called the Manhattan Declaration, an app Apple carried until accusations of anti-gay sentiment were lodged against it. According to Apple’s PR department, the Manhattan Declaration – a statement of … Continue reading

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tiz the season for book memes

Not that I’d put any of these on my Saturnalia wishlist (mostly because what I like I already own), but let’s have at it (found via Micheal at a Nadder): Bold for those you’ve read fully, italics for partially read. … Continue reading

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Today I have to read the Satanic Verses

My Freethinker Banned Book club meets later this week and I suppose I should actually start the thing so I know what we’re talking about. I’ve read books this thick in a day but those had wizards and Quidditch in … Continue reading

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Usually 16 year olds get banned from libraries because of internet porn

Not this boy in Georgia, though. Caleb Hanson is too religious for that. He’s so religious, in fact, that he was getting in the way of people enjoying the library. Last year, “he had a real encounter with the Lord … Continue reading

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Banned Books Week needs one more quote, yeah?

Belatedly it occurs to me that I was a whole week early for Banned Books Week. It starts September 25th. I guess I’m just keen. Also, I did decide to join my Freethinker book club and have requested Salman Rushdie’s … Continue reading

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