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It’s Freedom to Read Week in Canada

And every year at this time an updated list of challenged reading material gets posted. Here are some from this year’s list. One case had to do with a Saskatchewan school performing a version of Antigone which: was originally written … Continue reading

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I don’t know if I’d want to see Jesus getting touched…

…but it’s good to find out that a short film featuring JC on the cross and St Teresa of Avila giving him a “sexual caress” is no longer banned in Britain. And it only took 20 years. Well done. It … Continue reading

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Atheist group sparks outrage with Mohammad cartoon

University College London’s atheist group wanted to advertise a pub night on Facebook and chose an image from Jesus & Mo as the picture to go along with it. New Humanist reported on the flak this caused with the Students … Continue reading

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Old news: God’s memoir faces censorship

David Javerbaum, the former executive producer for a program I’ve never watched, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, wrote a satirical memoir of God’s life and has run into a bit of trouble selling it. I know. Inconceivable. The Last … Continue reading

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Store bans sale of Bible. Finally.

What makes it particularly laughable, though, is the fact that it’s the Lego bible (The Brick Testament) and Sam’s Club deemed it too racy to be sold there as it was originally published. It’s since been modified to be “acceptable” … Continue reading

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Pakistan’s texting censorship plan backfires

Their initiative to label 1,695 English and Urdu words as too obscene to use in messages was met with a vocal uproar and they’ve since backed off — a bit. “Jesus Christ” were two words they hoped to ban, but … Continue reading

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The banned book “Have you Read it?” meme

I fell behind on reporting what my Banned Book club was reading. Last time it was Lolita, but I didn’t do a write-up; this week we talk about Brave New World, which I will make certain to write about. Last … Continue reading

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