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Call for Sleeping Beauty to be banned?

yep. From CTV: mother from Northumberland Park, U.K., is calling for her son’s school to ban “Sleeping Beauty” due to its conflicting message about sexual consent. “[W]hile we are still seeing narratives like this in school, we are never going … Continue reading

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Mississippi backs away from Mockingbird ban

To Kill a Mockingbird is a classic out of my school age history. It’s a book I don’t think I would have picked to read otherwise so I would have missed out one something beautiful and poignant. But, it was … Continue reading

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Banned Book Club reads Fahrenheit 451

I got tricked into thinking it was a longer book; the 60th Anniversary Edition I snagged from the library is 2/3 story and 1/3 commentary and essays about the book and author, Ray Bradbury. Montag lives in a future where … Continue reading

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Dear parents, your grade 9 kid should already know about sex

Another older article, but this time about books, censorship and schools. A common story. Upset parents demanded this week that the Kings Canyon Unified School District remove a book intended for freshmen English classes that one father said is “inappropriate, … Continue reading

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Banned Book Club: Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

But first, the adventures of 1minion: It was a hot day but I felt I could use a walk. I got off the bus downtown and, after catching up with the ladies at the library were I used to work, … Continue reading

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Linkskrieg (Final pass)

(She says that now, but who knows…) 1. Is this the face of God in a mixing bowl? Ruth Davis walked into her kitchen and noticed the image on the side of the bowl after her son Paul had used … Continue reading

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If there are requests to ban it, I can request The Hunger Games for my Banned Book Club

Have to get through Catch-22 first, though. What a slog it is so far, but I’m hoping it’ll pick up as I get further in. Not denying the funny, I’m just bogged down by all the characters right now. Poor … Continue reading

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It’s Freedom to Read Week in Canada

And every year at this time an updated list of challenged reading material gets posted. Here are some from this year’s list. One case had to do with a Saskatchewan school performing a version of Antigone which: was originally written … Continue reading

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I don’t know if I’d want to see Jesus getting touched…

…but it’s good to find out that a short film featuring JC on the cross and St Teresa of Avila giving him a “sexual caress” is no longer banned in Britain. And it only took 20 years. Well done. It … Continue reading

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Atheist group sparks outrage with Mohammad cartoon

University College London’s atheist group wanted to advertise a pub night on Facebook and chose an image from Jesus & Mo as the picture to go along with it. New Humanist reported on the flak this caused with the Students … Continue reading

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