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It’s drafty in here (a celebrity’s double life)

I have a habit of dropping ideas into my draft folder and then forgetting to come back to them. There’s a dozen or so sitting in there I decided I’m due for a round of spring cleaning. This link from … Continue reading

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Reminded of another after-life book…

You know who else likes publishing books to tell elaborate stories about goings on in the afterlife? Sylvia Browne. Her most recent attempt to take make money was called Afterlives of the Rich and Famous. I flipped through a copy … Continue reading

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I expect there will be too much God at the Grammys

I wasn’t going to be watching anyway. In all honesty, I didn’t know they’d be on tonight until I came across a Wall Street Journal article about celebrity confidence and the god connection. Neil Strauss has been noticing the trend … Continue reading

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Bieber’s movie a “faith based block-buster”?

Two celebrity posts in a day. I’m slipping. Still, I ran across two different Bieber articles in the span of two minutes and couldn’t resist. The first has this amusing line regarding Bieber’s singing future once puberty strikes: As The-Dream … Continue reading

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Lohan’s parents insist God knows what he’s doing

At least, Lindsay’s mother, Dina, says so. The link I used to quote her father, Michael, last September has died, but he’d come up with the idea to start a rehab center centered on the “fact” that there’s a God … Continue reading

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Quotable celebrity atheist

Ricky Gervais explains why he takes a pass at the whole god idea and why science is the better place to put brain power (breaks and bold added). Science seeks the truth. And it does not discriminate. For better or … Continue reading

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I wonder how many celebrities are sincere in their faith

Besides Kirk Cameron, I mean. This article from Ministry Values turned out to be pretty entertaining. They make a point of mentioning Mark Wahlberg who has a Catholic priest vet every movie role before he signs on. Apparently J.K. Rowling … Continue reading

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A little lesson in religious art appreciation

One of the books I’d read over my holiday was a fictional story about the media, celebrities and the crazed hunger people seem to have for stories about celebrities – the uglier the better. The book is called Cheating at … Continue reading

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The One Minion Search Party – Zeus fetish check up edition

Last year, I decided to write about an interesting collection of search results. Zeus was a strangely popular figure, I’d discovered, and the same has held this year somewhat. Here’s the updated list of search results: george washington zeus 43 … Continue reading

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I wonder if Michael Lohan is going godly for the media attention

I don’t make a habit of looking for celebrity news on account of not really caring what mess they’ve gotten themselves into this time, but I found another reference to Lindsay Lohan’s dad and his insistence that God’s taking an … Continue reading

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