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Psychic “predicted” Robin Williams’ death

In other words, woman claiming to be “psychic” rattled off a long list of prominent celebrities on a death list and got one lucky hit. Here’s Psychic Nikki’s list in its entirety. First, there are a bunch of very old … Continue reading

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Robin Williams, I hardly knew you

His death was news everywhere yesterday. He’d had trouble with depression and substance abuse and last month had decided to go back to a treatment program. Something happened between that hopeful decision and yesterday when he took his own life. … Continue reading

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Russell Crowe to star in remake of Evan Almighty

Well, near enough, in my opinion. He’s part of the cast for a completely unnecessary retelling of Noah’s Ark: As well as Crowe in the lead role, Aronofksy’s film boasts Logan Lerman, Douglas Booth and Emma Watson. Furthermore, Deadline suggests … Continue reading

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DJ Chris Superstar!

I have no idea who Chris Moyles is, but British telly watchers likely will have some idea. He’s been given the honour of playing King Herod in the new production of Jesus Christ Superstar: The breakfast show motormouth makes his … Continue reading

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I top Google’s searches for “Bieber beats God”

It’s a toss up whether the announcement is motivated by pride or shame, however. In a Dallas suburb this past week, an eleven year old “Mayor for a Day” renamed the main street Justin Bieber Way. I wonder if the … Continue reading

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Miley Cyrus beats Justin Bieber to a god movie

Actually, I have no idea if young Bieber would want to star in a god movie. He gods up the stage every time he performs anyway. Miley Cyrus is set to star in and produce one, however. She will soon … Continue reading

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Does Sean Kingston credit prayers and God for saving his life?

Sure looks like it the way. He was in a jet ski accident in June that could have been fatal and the most important thing people want to mention about this is the first tweet he made in Recovery: “Feeling … Continue reading

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