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Anecdotal evidence is only evidence of anecdotes

“Thousands of miracles” reads part of the CBC headline: Oleskiw opened a prayer centre in her home in 2007, but the origins of that effort date from many years before that. In 1976, Oleskiw was a journeyman carpenter — the … Continue reading

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Holy crackers, Batman.. not this again!

Holy crackers – also known as communion wafers – evoke powerful feelings in the hearts and minds of dutiful Catholics. According to their beliefs, the wafers contain the body/essence of Christ to be consumed with great ceremony during mass. In … Continue reading

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A noble lie: child trafficking and the Catholic church

I was as appalled as anyone when I read about the documentary that just came out regarding Spain’s stolen children. Over a span of fifty years some three hundred thousand children were taken from their birth mothers and sold to … Continue reading

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Sandra Beardsall, feminism and the church: Freethinker meeting part 3

I’m in the middle of a “long-winded” rundown of the Saskatoon Freethinker meetup I attended on Sunday morning. We’d invited Pastor Sandra Beardsall to talk to us about her experience in the United Church and the history of feminism from … Continue reading

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“I love cannibals!” I mean, Catholics…

Eat of my body, drink of my blood… The whole mass tradition winds up sounding kind of creepy. Cannibalism has an interesting history though and remains a fascinating intellectual exercise. For some other time, though. When Catholics aren’t symbolically eating … Continue reading

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Local prisoners get day release to see Jesus

Isn’t that an awesome headline? And it’s totally true. Well, almost. Yesterday local prisoners got a day release in the Polish town, Swiebodzin, to see what the Catholic Church hopes is the world’s largest statue of Jesus, finally complete. Father … Continue reading

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The One Minion Search Party vol. 40

This week’s query: was there ever a pope that was married? It turns out 39 popes of the past had tied the knot, but all of those marriages happened before they became popes and the last one was Felix V, … Continue reading

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