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“I love cannibals!” I mean, Catholics…

Eat of my body, drink of my blood… The whole mass tradition winds up sounding kind of creepy. Cannibalism has an interesting history though and remains a fascinating intellectual exercise. For some other time, though. When Catholics aren’t symbolically eating … Continue reading

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No wonder the Spanish killed the Aztec…

How can you be that civilized and not know Jesus? Of course they had to be taught how wrong they were… The battle-hardened, armour-clad soldiers stopped in their tracks and stared in amazement. Rising out of the waters of the … Continue reading

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The One Minion Search Party, volume 11

history of cannibal people in jail I found the Czech story to be pretty interesting last year and Jeffrey Dahmer made a few headlines in his day. I don’t get this assumption, though. This web page was intended to serve … Continue reading

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