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I wonder how effective “Don’t Say the Pledge” will be.

Being Canadian, I can’t quote any part of the Pledge of Allegiance without looking it up. (Thanks, Wikipedia, for the rundown of how many times the Pledge has changed over the years, and when.) On Monday, Sept. 8th, the American … Continue reading

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Gypsys, Tramps and Thieves

Had an earworm when I woke up this morning. From BBC, Suffolk County Council has arranged for seven short-stay camp areas. Cliff Codona, chairman of the National Travellers Action Group, said: “We estimate that there some 1000 Gypsies and travellers … Continue reading

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Canadian loyalty: Prefer bands and pets over religion

(Edit: Or, if not religion, at least church) Entertaining news out of an online survey done by a research group interested in what really matters to Canadians. Take it with the proverbial grain of salt, of course. The COLLOQUY/FanXchange 2014 … Continue reading

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Apparently Canada had an “abortion storm”

First I heard of it. Breaking Christian News has the details, such as they are. The rumbling thunderclouds appeared in May when Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau declared that only pro-choice candidates would be allowed to run in the party’s … Continue reading

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Lack of Jesus knowledge can keep you out of Canada?

This is plainly ridiculous. A Chinese migrant seeking refugee status in Canada on the grounds that he faced persecution back home for his Christian beliefs was repeatedly asked by the Immigration and Refugee Board last year to describe what Jesus … Continue reading

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Sounds of Sunday – 30 songs, week 3

For kicks I’m working through a 30 song challenge meme thing I first saw on Facebook. Rather than do a song a day, though, I’ve decided to break the list into segments and tackle them on a weekly basis until … Continue reading

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Sounds of Sunday – 30 Day Song Challenge (condensed)

There’s this music meme circulating around Facebook (and possibly other places). Now, I could take a month and do a song a day or even spread this challenge out over thirty weeks, but I’m going to compromise and cheat with … Continue reading

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The One Minion Search Party – Zeus fetish check up edition

Last year, I decided to write about an interesting collection of search results. Zeus was a strangely popular figure, I’d discovered, and the same has held this year somewhat. Here’s the updated list of search results: george washington zeus 43 … Continue reading

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Haiti orphans are a blessing from God?

First, I have to say I’m glad groups are looking to place these poor kids with loving families in the United States and Canada. What bothers me is the insistence on thinking this so-called God did a good thing by … Continue reading

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Daniel Cormier the “self described” pastor convicted of sexual assault

Turns out not to be a repeat from last year. The same disgusting preacher dude is making headlines once more and once more I acknowledge Mojoey for mentioning it: Pastor Daniel Cormier was convicted of sexual assault Friday in Canada … Continue reading

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