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Question of Atheist Scruples — Celebrity-ish amnesia

Christ, I’ll have to edit this card for current stars or else younger audience readers won’t have a clue what the point is. Do you know who Tom Selleck is? Well, he’s been on that Blue Bloods show for a … Continue reading

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Buffy fashion in fashion?

Clothes were the least favourite part of the show for me, but I couldn’t get over how well Buffy could kick ass in those pointy toed heels she’d wear. Some of the outfit choices were a little odd, but I … Continue reading

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The new vampires – too good is too bad?

Vampires sure are the thing these days, aren’t they? Esquire has an interesting take on their popularity in terms of mainstreaming gay love, specifically in the show True Blood. Neil Gaiman’s article also makes some good points in relation to … Continue reading

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