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Rebel Barbie

I’m reminded of a thing a few years back where Barbie had a book where she supposedly is showing that girls can be computer engineers. By having the boys do the work for her. Steven and Brian are nice guys, … Continue reading

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BC Pastafarian seeks to wear colander for driver’s licence photo

Obi Canuel is an ordained minister in the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster and he made the request this year but so far has been denied. The Insurance Corporation of B.C told him ‚Äúthere is no religious requirement that … Continue reading

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A boy, a couger, an Angel – how could I not write about this?

Big headline in the news this morning: Domesticated canine reacts with evolved instincts, protects pack member from wild animal. Hardly. The way Lloyd Forman sees it, his 11-year-old grandson was saved by an Angel. Yes, the Star article takes the … Continue reading

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Seventh severed foot hits BC beach

This case must be driving investigators insane. The gang on CSI would have solved it in a day. Oh right, that’s fiction. This isn’t: Another severed foot has washed up on B.C.’s shoreline, this time in the Vancouver suburb of … Continue reading

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