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Prudes in Houston don’t like new naked statue

Just “steps away” from a splash park, too, according to the video accompanying the short news item. Nine bronze sculptures on display at Discovery Green in downtown Houston, Texas are drawing fire. The works of art show a man in … Continue reading

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Victim of “God” gets minor payback

What is it about the way we organize our societies for why women wind up thinking that plastic surgery is the only way they’ll get anywhere? Of course, when studies keep popping up that show correlation between weight and money-making, … Continue reading

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Plastic surgeon “played God” – Honey, you asked him to

I understand why people want to go under the knife to hide signs of aging, or change things they can’t seem to like about themselves. I know a lot of women (and men presumably) decide to pay for these procedures … Continue reading

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Feminism in a not-so-enlightened age

I finally got that book finished that I’ve had here for weeks. It’s called Enlightened Sexism: the seductive message that feminism’s work is done by Susan J. Douglas. First I want to quote Alternet: It’s no secret that, according to … Continue reading

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It’s drafty in here (and the Chubby award goes to….)

My drafts folder is getting slimmer and slimmer. This would not win it any awards at the Miss Chubby beauty queen pageant which announced winners at the start of August. I’ll get to that in a bit. Beauty pageants have … Continue reading

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Why “Personal Attractiveness” is used to sell more than cars

A Facebook/Freethinker friend of mine posted an ad for a local company’s weight loss program. Well, I say program. What it actually markets is the never ending dream of being thin at any cost. The company promotes bariatric surgery as … Continue reading

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Why I think women should quit wearing make-up

I’ve been seeing this thing pop up on posts around the blogosphere for the past few days. It’s a short clip of a very cute girl sans make-up who dolls up to demonstrate to the audience how the optical illusion … Continue reading

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