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“Intelligent design” in the science of smell?

Going by the Christian Headlines headline, yes. In a study published last month by Nature Communications, researchers reported new findings from fruit flies about how the olfactory system works. Until now, scientists assumed olfactory receptors worked by sending a simple … Continue reading

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Learn something new every day – Trees “sleep”

In the only reported study to look at tree siestas, researchers set up lasers that measured the movements of two silver birch trees (Betula pendula) at night. One tree was in Finland and the other in Austria, and both were … Continue reading

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Ebola is not a “curse from god”

We should really be thankful that more diseases don’t transfer between species, frankly. Many plagues and disease outbreaks had an animal origin. Horrible though it is, it’s just one of those viruses people get because we live around animals and … Continue reading

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First off, don’t equate gay marriage with tsunamis

I’ve never heard of John Stonestreet but he has an article up on Christianheadlines.com to advertise his new book titled Same-Sex Marriage: A Thoughtful Approach to God’s Design for Marriage. Like a tsunami, so-called gay marriage has swept aside just … Continue reading

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“minions having intercourse” and other things people look for

There are no pictures of me doing that. It’s not that kind of blog. Been a while since I did a search party, though. Let’s see what’s sending people my way this week: helen keller Satanist 6 google atheist experience … Continue reading

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Divide between faith and science “illusion” claims Christian astronomer

Martin Gaskell sued the University of Kentucky recently. He’s of the opinion that religious discrimination happened, that he lost out on a good job as director of the student planetarium there because of his professed faith and statements he made … Continue reading

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Quotable “comic”

At least, I thought so: (See more here)

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It’s drafty in here (Women underrepresented in science research)

Not that Dr. John Gray ought to be believed with his whole Men/Mars Women/Venus schtick (that bugger’s got a new book out, too), but scientists have been finding major differences between men and women beyond the visible. Women, for example, … Continue reading

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If your teacher’s scared of science…

I feel sorry for every kid in the class. Dr Mark Spencer, who rose to fame after appearing on the BBC’s Museum of Life series, said teachers ‘scream at the sight of insects’ and are ‘frightened of handling soil’. In … Continue reading

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It’s drafty in here (science is way cool)

Several posts over the next couple weeks are being pulled out of my drafts, if the title wasn’t a clue. I’ve been storing ideas in there for..oh, months now, and it’s high time some of them see light. New Scientist … Continue reading

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