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Today’s found on Facebook – Matthew McConaughey’s thoughts on religion

He has a new movie out (Free State of Jones) where he plays Newton Knight, a Confederate soldier who rebelled against the Confederacy. The Daily Beast provides this quote from the actor talking about the film and explaining what he … Continue reading

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Today’s found on Facebook — bare bum spanks for God?

Via Rawstory we learn of a Little League coach taking dubious advice from a Bible-based child-rearing book. Jonathan Shawn Russell was in court in North Carolina accused of spanking his players, ages 8 and 9 at the time. The book’s … Continue reading

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Christian metal band loses singer to atheism

I’m snagging this from United Humanists where they’ve posted the story of Shannon Low who’d been in a metalcore band called The Order of Elijah. In his younger days he’d gone through the drug and sex problems that are common … Continue reading

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“God loves sex,” according to new Church billboard

This is a case of a billboard doing what a billboard is supposed to do: drum up business. In this case, the business is a church, and the choice to add sex into the mix is a good way to … Continue reading

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The most important question ever asked: How long was Jesus’ hair?

I wave my hands up in the air How long was Jesus’ hair? I wave my hands up in the air and wonder just who would care! How long was Jesus’ hair? Could he braid it down his back? How … Continue reading

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Think you know the bible? There’s a Bible Bee

The first one was in 2009 (I know because I wrote about it) and I see it’s still running. Ken Ham is promoting it on his blog. August marks the start of regionals with the finalists to be head-to-head at … Continue reading

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The Gospel of Barnabas and a 1500 year old bible

I’m a couple years late to this story; the original article is from 2012. The bible had been seized in 2000 when a group of smugglers were charged with illegal evacuations, smuggling antiques and being in possession of explosives as … Continue reading

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