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People could call two matching socks a “miracle”…

I like this article out of the Guardian that I found. Martin Robbins gets a bit tetchy over BBC’s coverage of a Deacon’s back problems and the subsequent claim that a miracle prayer to some old dead bugger cured him. … Continue reading

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The One Minion Search Party, vol 36

I wasn’t going to use this search, but this is the second time in a few days I’ve seen it so it’s worth mentioning. make me believe in god No. I wish that were all the answer needed. Maybe it’s … Continue reading

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Pro-Christian survey discovers kids aren’t Christian enough

With results that probably surprise no one, Thom Rainer and LifeWay research discovered that the majority of “Millennials” (kids born between 1980 and 1991) lack the strong devoted Christian faith their parents were brainwashed into experienced. Sixty-five percent of Millennials … Continue reading

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It’s a sign! A sign!

The snake offering Eve temptation! In my frying pan! Just now! It’s totally amazing! And since I’m hungry, I’m going to drizzle all the goodness that is syrup all over it and enjoy every bite of this breakfast! (A real … Continue reading

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Super Scary Saturday (One Minion dares to open Doctor Blood’s Coffin)

“Oh, no,” Cow moaned, feeling a shiver of dread wiggle its way from horns to tail. “She brought home another one.” “What?” asked Stegosaurus loudly, tilting his head towards her. “Minion has another film in her hand,” Cow frantically repeated. … Continue reading

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Laughter is contageous, but is it evil?

I was thumbing through a book at work yesterday (edit Tuesday 29th Sept – Connected: the surprising power of a social networks and how they shape our lives by Nicholas A. Christakis) and came across a fascinating bit of what … Continue reading

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Ray Comfort makes as much sense as …

this, I guess: I’m looking at that gobbledegook passing itself off as a book review at World Net Daily again. Some of the comments really make me feel it’s necessary to try and explain how they’re flawed. The pointlessness of … Continue reading

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Quotable Camel

Dromedary Hump ponders Bruce Sheiman and wonders why he wrote, An Atheist Defends Religion: Why Humanity is Better Off with Religion than without It (a book the camel won’t be reading): As for religion “growing more prevalent” … where exactly? … Continue reading

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Thoughts and responses to a believer, part 2

This is part two of an impromptu series – I was reading a post at northerntribe recently. Again, my aim here is not to be critical of the writer, only of the ideas expressed. All too often debate and discussion … Continue reading

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Religion’s connection to economics

I can’t say this article surprises me. Eighty-two percent of Alabamans say religion plays a key role in everyday life, or around the same percentage as in Iran (83 percent) and the southern African state of Zimbabwe (81 percent), a … Continue reading

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