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Guardian angels, road safety and risk taking: connected?

If the details reported by New York Magazine can be believed, then yes. Interviews with 198 people showed that 45 percent believed in “a personal spirit or supernatural power” that watched over them. Further questions were designed to assess the … Continue reading

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Reading Billy Graham’s mail

Billy deals with this question this time around: You preachers are always saying we need to change our behavior and become better people, but I don’t agree. I think we need to learn to accept ourselves just as we are … Continue reading

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Has anyone written “The Book” on text etiquette yet?

Some back story first. I see Cracked has put together yet another great list. This time it’s 6 scientific reasons why break ups are bad for you. Their list: Friends may copy you and damage whatever they’ve got going, even … Continue reading

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Still wish I’d taken that Nature vs Nurture course in uni…

It was offered as part of my sociology degree, but I think it conflicted with something else I was interested in at the time and couldn’t pick it up another semester. Ah well. It’s easy enough to figure out what … Continue reading

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“Just the facts, ma’am” “You sure about that?”

There’s a two for one special here today: two articles for the great low price of one: How Facts Backfire; and an interview discussing why facts often don’t matter in the political arena. The Globe story first. Basically, researchers have … Continue reading

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Another study links violence with video games

It seems to be a popular “target” of study. (Notice what I did there? More about that later…) Psychologist Craig Anderson of Iowa State University and his team analyzed existing studies of 130,000 people from the U.S., Europe and Japan. … Continue reading

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Saskatoon Freethinkers meet up

I found their group through Facebook and figured it was worth joining that for updates about meetings and things. They’re having a general meeting next Sunday so I RSVP’d myself. I suspect it’ll be worthwhile to get involved and meet … Continue reading

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Quotable Newsweek

Newsweek has an interesting article about Sam Harris’ current research: What Harris, his fellow researcher Jonas Kaplan, and the other authors of the study want to address is the idea, which has been floating around in both scientific and religious … Continue reading

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What would blue eyes have to do with being a good girl!?

It’s called The Curse of the Good Girl. When given the opportunity to discuss what they thought were traits of “good” girls, middle year students came out with a range of ideals ranging from obvious answers like good grades, confidence, … Continue reading

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