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A Minion’s Tale – a reread of Handmaid’s Tale

Met up with the banned book club to discuss this book Thursday night. Largely positive thoughts about the storytelling approach presented, but let me see what all I remember — a theme within the book by Margaret Atwood that we … Continue reading

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Quotable Handmaid

“Better never means better for everyone… It always means worse, for some.” ― Margaret Atwood, The Handmaid’s Tale My banned book club will be discussing this book tonight. The club did read it in May 2011 but we’ve got several … Continue reading

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Banned Book Club reads Fahrenheit 451

I got tricked into thinking it was a longer book; the 60th Anniversary Edition I snagged from the library is 2/3 story and 1/3 commentary and essays about the book and author, Ray Bradbury. Montag lives in a future where … Continue reading

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Banned Book Club – Grapes of Wrath

–Edit March 21/12 – I wrote this on the third and apparently I hit “Save draft” instead of “Publish” because it was still sitting in my draft folder. Ah well. You can enjoy it now. Freedom to Read Week is … Continue reading

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Got another “Wanna read this book?” offer

My Banned Book Club read Vernon God Little last February (note to self: finish write up about last week’s book already!!) and Julia of Rare Bird Lit has offered to send me a copy of JOHNNY FUTURE by Steve Abee, … Continue reading

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Banned Book Club double feature: Slaughterhouse-Five and Ham on Rye

I’ve fallen behind in my reporting of the Saskatoon Freethinkers and what we’re doing but I assure readers I’m still involved with the group and having fun with it. Some of the fun comes in the shape of our Banned … Continue reading

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Banned Book Club – Brave New World

I wasn’t feeling very insightful at our meeting for this one so I found little to add to the conversation about this one but it was interesting enough without my input. Some background and plot information for the book can … Continue reading

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