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Can’t your god make a better miracle than poop stains in a diaper?

It was making headlines recently, a poop smear in the shape of a cross in a newborn baby’s diaper. Big poopie whoopie. Wonkette reports via Patheos that the mother, Katy Vasquez, took to Facebook to show the world this miraculous … Continue reading

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Atheist Scruples 2014: women and boobs

A couple different issues trigger this one. First, should women be allowed to go topless like men can? I think the answer should be yes but that doesn’t mean I’ll want to be one of them. I’m pro-choice in many … Continue reading

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The One Minion Search Party, volume 28

I’ve probably said it before, but I really don’t get how the searches, as broad (or weird) as they are, generate hits here. Somebody looks for “funny” or “babies” or “chinese eat baby soup” or “angel statue with arm broken … Continue reading

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