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Australian Christ of interest to neuroscientist

A sudden boost in hits on an earlier blogpost about Alan John Miller, a man in Australia claiming to be Jesus, got me wondering what led up to it. Apparently he was recently featured on television and a neuroscientist by … Continue reading

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So, Christ’s second coming happened in Australia…

At least, a guy who seriously thinks he’s Jesus happens to live there. What’s more, he’s joined with a woman who prefers to go by the name Mary Magdalene. Unsurprisingly, some people have a problem with this. The pair, real … Continue reading

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This is not evidence of a god I’d want to worship

but a man in Australia is crediting God’s good graces for getting him out of an attempted murder charge and the writer of the piece stupidly agrees, as evidenced by paragraph one: DIVINE intervention has allowed a man, who at … Continue reading

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Super Scary Saturday (One Minion in the Inn of the Damned!)

What are the chances? she thought to herself. Here I am at the library returning that Christopher Lee movie, and now I find another case exactly like the one I just had. How disturbing. She lingered a ways from the … Continue reading

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Christianity is like Jelly Belly’s

Some flavours are good, some are wacky, and some should be spit into the trash as soon as you realize the “truth” – it does one no good to get BeanBoozled by what looked to be the real true thing. … Continue reading

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People see what they want to see – Jesus in the clouds, for example

“Unbelievable!” says the voice in the video. Yes, it certainly is unbelievable that anyone would stare at a cloud and start filming because he thought he saw Jesus. But, some good news that they aren’t all dummies “down under” — … Continue reading

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