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The One Minion Search Party – back in the saddle again

Now that my hours have altered at work, blogging doesn’t require setting aside the first few hours of my morning (5-8am) for hard core writing sessions. I didn’t mind when I was single because I had no after work life … Continue reading

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Don’t claim a lost city is Atlantis

Call it New Clopia or Muddyvilla or Lost Nostril. Call it anything except Atlantis They can’t prove that it’s fucking Atlantis! Scientists say they may have discovered the lost city of Atlantis buried deep under the marshlands of southern Spain. … Continue reading

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It’s drafty in here (Bermuda Triangle solved at last!)

This was an exciting find and just as interesting a theory as krakens or aliens or time warps or death rays from Atlantis or any other way people tried to explain the loss of ships and airplanes in that area … Continue reading

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Forbidden History – deconstructing Atlantis

So, finally, the story of Atlantis. Is it a real place or did Plato make it all up as a metaphor that he never bothered to explain to anyone? Frank Joseph wrote several articles for Atlantis Rising, which editor J. … Continue reading

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Forbidden History – Graham Hancock’s “Fingerprints”

Graham Hancock’s research seems pretty interesting. For one thing, he’s pretty sure the Ark of the Covenant made it all the way to Ethiopia. He explains his reasons for this theory in The Sign and the Seal, which isn’t the … Continue reading

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Forbidden history – a tantalizing taste of what’s to come

So, here we are, next interesting book is on my desk and I have yet to crack the spine. Actually, never crack the spine of a book unless you like games of 321 Pick Up. The quality of binding these … Continue reading

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