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The Wonders of God’s Creation – chapter 1 part 1

So here we are, exploring how a religious book approaches science in a way that attempts to equalize faith and fact, often within the same sentence. Chapter one deals with telescopes and microscopes, plus some geology, biology and geography thrown … Continue reading

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Star of Bethlehem “found”

It’s the Christmas season again so again stories pop up to explain the nativity story with a hope of sounding scientific and also justified to keep Christ in Christmas. This one I get from Charisma News: In the spring of … Continue reading

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1minion invites God in – stars reveal a radiant presence

Time to delve into astronomy, astrology and the word of God. Pg 30 of Inviting God In by Joyce Rupp. (Other posts in the series are under the tag: Inviting God In.) He determines the number of the stars; he … Continue reading

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What part of the bible is worth following letter for letter?

Due to forest fires up north, the sky has been pretty smoky some days. My mother is a photographer who never misses a moment to snap a cool picture. I’ve nabbed this “red sun at night” photo from her Facebook … Continue reading

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Can you name any female scientists?

I had homework to do this week. My skeptics group decided that for tonight’s meet everyone needs to bring the name of a female scientist along. A person might wonder about the skeptics angle for such a request but as … Continue reading

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Quotable world explorer

“The church says the earth is flat, but I know that it is round, for I have seen the shadow on the moon, and I have more faith in a shadow than in the church.” Ferdinand Magellan (via) would know, … Continue reading

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Predicting the end of the world with “Connect the Dots”

I got a giggle out of Joe Kovacs and World Net Daily this morning. They’re plugging a new DVD that suggests stars are aligned in just such a way as to create a giant farmer in the night sky who’ll … Continue reading

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Astronomy night was a bit of a bust

It was the cloud cover that let everyone down last night out at Sleaford Observatory. My friends and I also had an invite to join another friend for a rib night back in the city so we decided to leave … Continue reading

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Did you know it’s the International Year of Astronomy?

I only find these things out when the year is nearly done for some reason. Ah well. Better late than miss it altogether. Tonight I’m taking in an open house at the Sleaford Observatory. They do that every year but … Continue reading

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See the Holy See love some astronomy

A while back I mentioned that the Vatican considered readdressing the issues brought forth by the whole Galileo incident. Dorian has brought an update to my attention, so kudos and applause and all that. I never would have thought to … Continue reading

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