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1minion invites God in – stars reveal a radiant presence

Time to delve into astronomy, astrology and the word of God. Pg 30 of Inviting God In by Joyce Rupp. (Other posts in the series are under the tag: Inviting God In.) He determines the number of the stars; he … Continue reading

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November is the month for soulmates, apparently

I’m thinking the only reason to follow the Idealist page on Facebook (notice me not linking to it) is for the wacky junk they’re posting. This is another from the “don’t quote me!” website Earth We Are One. Once again … Continue reading

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Astrological sign linked to jail time

S’truth! More Aries are in jail than Libras, apparently, but Libras are running second (and Virgos a close third) in what has to be one of the oddest behavioural surveys I’ve seen. It was done by police in Chatham-Kent, Ontario: … Continue reading

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