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Atheist Scruples: Church costs too much! Tear it down!

Actually, that headline is just for the clicks. This is a big issue in terms of history and traditions versus practicality and costs. The gracious old church where you worship is an inspiration, but the declining church membership can’t support … Continue reading

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Architect designs true holey church

A nifty notion, to say the least. The visibility of the church depends on the angle at which a person is viewing it. From certain heights it looks like a complete structure. From various sides, the gaps become more and … Continue reading

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Poland solves hunger crisis! Can waste money on Jesus statue now!

They must have gotten everyone homes and jobs already, too. Poland must be a terrific place to live if they can spend so much money on building the world’s biggest Jesus statue. Oh, hang on. I’m reading this wrong. Poland … Continue reading

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Christian infighting

This from Timesonline today. The Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jeruselum is in serious need of repair, but there are too many cooks in God’s kitchen: The church has been vigilantly managed by six competing and often fractious Christian … Continue reading

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Now yoga is evil?

“Yoga at school causes stress among some” superstitious bible-thumpers who are afraid their kids might learn about Hinduism. A change of belief-venue might be too tempting for their little Christian snowflakes. The program does not have ulterior motives, Julie Reagan, … Continue reading

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Nephilim Stargates, more secret history

(My reading of chapters one and two can be found here.) Bonus reading material: IS THE VATICAN EASING HUMANITY TOWARD ALIEN DISCLOSURE? This morning, after reading a few more chapters of Nephilim Stargates by Thomas R Horn, I just had … Continue reading

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