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How to bend a study to the will of the woo

I found this via Science Dump on Facebook and tsk tsk to them linking to this silly write up instead of the original article from Live Science (a proper link is in there, though).  The LS article does not declare that beloved pets … Continue reading

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Divine messages from everyday animals?

It’s thrown in the “just for fun” category so I’m going to have fun with it. Unlike “real” research into the meaning of things, this site seems to be making up a bunch of junk. I’m assuming it’s the site … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Satan Weekend part 4

I’m Canadian and for Thanksgiving weekend I decided to give thanks to the fact that I live in a country where I can do this and have a bit of fun. Also, we’re approaching Halloween and dark, sinister stories are … Continue reading

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Pareidolia Hamster

It’s not Jesus, but I’ll take it. A cafe-goer was given the shock of their life when they were served a blueberry muffin that looked uncannily like a live hamster. The person was so surprised by their snack’s resemblance to … Continue reading

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Do animals have a religion? I ask, how would that help them?

I was poking around online for post ideas and came by a page at News 24. This particular part of their site is open to users to pose questions and other users to comment on them. The user writing this … Continue reading

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Worship the great Guzoo?

An zoo in Alberta needed salvation and what better way could there be to deliver it besides calling itself a church? It’s unlikely to work for long, though. Guzoo Animal Farm owner Lynn Gustafson has started calling his property near … Continue reading

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Quotable PETA

I applaud the idea of supporting the health and well being of animals and it’s certainly worthwhile to encourage others to rethink how they bring food to tables. PETA has a long history in the fight for this but have … Continue reading

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