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Thanksgiving Satan Weekend, part 2

It’s Satan weekend here. I’m Canadian and for Thanksgiving weekend I’m giving thanks that I live in a country where I’m allowed to do this. A few stories worth throwing together came around over the past few weeks and I … Continue reading

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Politicians need to care more about the country than about God

Jack Layton, leader of Canada’s NDP party, succumbed to cancer Monday morning. Knowing he had little time left, he wrote a letter. I’ll quote from part of it: Many of you have placed your trust in our party. As my … Continue reading

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Churches to preach “No King but Jesus” on July 3rd

It’s all part of a rededication ceremony, apparently. The U.S.A. isn’t godly enough already so God has to be officially invited by as many churches as possible or the States are doomed. Doomed!!1eleventy1 It’s hard to tell by the article, … Continue reading

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Quotable op-ed

Carol Forsloff questions why Christians are skeptical of Obama’s birth certificate, etc. The claim used by Christians most to support their beliefs is that people should have faith and that faith will allow them to believe these exceptional ideas about … Continue reading

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Banning Jesus prayer misses point

Minnesota state Senator Terri Bonoff is Jewish and recently sat through a Senate invocation recently where the invited chaplain laced his prayer with so many references to Jesus Christ she felt incredibly uncomfortable having to hear him. So, she got … Continue reading

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“Marching to Christ’s Orders” seems absurd

First a quote that came to mind from Sam Harris (via): “George Bush says he speaks to god every day, and christians love him for it. If George Bush said he spoke to god through his hair dryer, they would … Continue reading

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Obama makes headlines for National Prayer Breakfast

Big whoop, is all I think about it. Prayer breakfasts in general, I mean. Promotion of religion by state officials is something the majority of atheists would like to see stopped, however. Last year in Saskatoon several Freethinkers sent letters … Continue reading

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People support stupid people like Christine O’Donnell

Freep published a commentary on Christine O’Donnell’s recent idiocy on camera where she demonstrated a complete and total lack of knowledge about historical documents and the methods by which people paraphrase them. (Paraphrase is a word that means to explain … Continue reading

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Glenn Beck is proof science class is important

World Net Daily is quoting him in an article saying some completely stupid shit about the evolutionary process. Were human beings created by God in an instant, or over millions of years through evolution? Glenn Beck addressed the question on … Continue reading

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What qualifies as news

Seen here (Jesus toasters would have been worth writing about anyway), a screen cap from this morning’s “Breaking News” section. The Heidi Montag tragedy is what caught my eye first. Omigod, a bikini mishap! This Essential News Source felt obligated … Continue reading

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