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Drunken man bathes in church’s holy water

And that’s not all: A Stoney Creek man has been arrested on a series of charges after a drunken rampage through a downtown church – which allegedly included bathing in the holy water, vandalizing religious objects and trying to light … Continue reading

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Religious youth less likely to try drugs and alcohol, apparently

Science Daily is reporting on a paper published in Alcohol Treatment Quarterly. The youths participating in the study had been referred by the courts or by medical professionals. 195 juvenile offenders agreed to spend two months in a “residential treatment … Continue reading

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Atheist Scruples: don’t drink and drive

I guess it’s a question in this game because not everyone thinks like I do. One of your guests has drunk too much and become obnoxious. Finally, he is about to leave. Do you allow him to drive home in … Continue reading

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This just in, naked ladies make beer interesting

It must suck to be in advertising sometimes, you know? You get this idea for an ad, pitch it to the people who pay for your service and can get either an ass whupping over it by the people who … Continue reading

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Drunken teenage rats more likely to gamble

I wonder how the pitch would’ve gone for this one. Boss, I wanna do a project. What? I wanna get rats drunk and teach them to gamble. Cool; here’s some money to buy some Jello and Smirnoff. Lemme know what … Continue reading

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God can’t mend a broken egg

So how could he fix Britain? The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, will speak to young drinkers in a city centre bar tomorrow. The event, organised by Solace, a church group that meets in Cardiff pubs, will see the … Continue reading

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