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Ugandan teens trust religion over HIV medicine

It’s bad enough to be gay in Uganda. Now I learn that teens there are abandoning their antiretroviral treatments because someone’s told them church can cure them. Ssuna cited the case of a 17-year-old girl who has lived with her … Continue reading

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“Jesus had AIDS!” claims pastor. Why?

Before I get to that, I’ll mention an article I’d come across a while back regarding HIV and the smallpox vaccination nobody gets anymore on account of that disease being eradicated (yay science!). Weinstein said, “There have been several proposed … Continue reading

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Counterknowledge over and under the counter

Last time I introduced Counterknowledge by Damian Thompson and the definition of the title of the book. Basically, counterknowledge is the network of fake news and facts that people wind up convinced are true. This time around, I’m hitting some … Continue reading

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