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X-Men advertisers make giant billboard misstep

CBC reports that Toronto wound up with several of these brainless billboards advertising the newest of the X-Men franchise. So we have here a giant armoured up dude strangling the crap out of a dainty naked lady. My trim/enlargement of … Continue reading

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Texas theatre won’t run atheist ad

I don’t go to movies much anymore. When I do, I can’t say I pay much attention to the advertising ahead of the film. Others do, though, and might be lured into buying whatever is offered because humankind is often … Continue reading

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Somehow I got onto a Simon and Schuster mailing list

The first email came in July from Amanda Ferber, who passed along the press release for Penn Jillette’s book God No! coming out in August. The email ended as follows: I would love to send you a copy of GOD, … Continue reading

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I didn’t give out bibles or candy

I live in an apartment building and the only knock on my door last night was due to my caretaker. As to candy, I’m hoping leftovers make it to work today. I didn’t bother buying any. I was hoping this … Continue reading

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Backyard Skeptics accidently advertise with erroneous quotation

To coin a phrase, “Whoops!” A choice to use a Thomas Jefferson quote on a billboard in Orange County backfired recently when it was realized the quote picked wasn’t one that should have been attributed to Jefferson at all: The … Continue reading

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More church sign win

I’ll be sorry when winter strikes. There’s a church I pass every time I walk to my closest library and they have a portable sign display on their lawn that gets removed once snow is imminent. Once again I call … Continue reading

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“Don’t be that guy!” ads target offenders not victims

Rebecca Watson’s “Elevator Guy” debacle over the summer highlighted a problem women and men need to deal with, not just in atheist circles but across our communities. I just learned this week that there’s an anti-rape ad campaign going on … Continue reading

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