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Dear Billy Graham: I tried cocaine

I don’t know about you, but I’ve missed Billy Graham. I’ve been reading his mail for years. I fell off while I wasn’t blogging, but now that I’m back in the swing of things, I thought I should look up … Continue reading

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“Get hungry for God!” — sounds like a new diet regime

Alas, not the case. It’s just another born-again celebrity claiming Jesus has healed everything she thought was wrong with her so that means Jesus can heal you, too. One size fits all salvation. The celeb in question is Danniella Westbrook, … Continue reading

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Chaplain denounces gambling. Give that money to your church instead

Okay, not at all what he said, but Crown Casino in Australia has a resident Chaplain and Father James Grant is concerned about all those gamblers putting their faith in luck. Speaking yesterday at an event to raise awareness around … Continue reading

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Secular Organizations for Sobriety started up in Saskatoon

Also getting called Sober Freethinkers and Save Our Selves, they’ve got a meeting scheduled for this Sunday, 8:30pm at the Avenue Community Centre, 201-320 21st St. W., Saskatoon, SK . More information can be had via email (sos_sask@cficanada.ca) and meetings … Continue reading

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Secular Organizations for Sobriety has started up in Saskatoon

I’m curious as to why the Star Phoenix slapped this story in its sports tab as opposed to the news one but I found it anyway, and that’s the main thing. Janet, who asked that her last name not be … Continue reading

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You scream, I scream, we all scream for Jesus?

A new business got approval in California recently, Ice Cream for Jesus. It’s the invention of Olivia Lopez Grajeda, a woman who had trouble getting a permit for her business on account of a drug possession conviction in her earlier … Continue reading

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When your computer has to tell you to stop, you have a problem

When I worked at Wal-mart, part of the “training” given to the staff required sitting on our asses in front of computers to watch badly rendered animated people going through a work day doing things wrong so we could later … Continue reading

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I wonder if Michael Lohan is going godly for the media attention

I don’t make a habit of looking for celebrity news on account of not really caring what mess they’ve gotten themselves into this time, but I found another reference to Lindsay Lohan’s dad and his insistence that God’s taking an … Continue reading

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It’s drafty in here (addiction prediction found in the brain at last)

Yet another one of those links left to linger until I had time to write about it. This time it’s an article nicked from Science Magazine via io9: Having an impulsive personality means that you jump into situations without thinking … Continue reading

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My name is Minion and I’m addicted

I picked up an iPod today. I paid for it, too. Or at least, the Visa company did. I’ll pay them back later. This is much sweetness. Oooh, free apps and games. I’m gonna go play some of those in … Continue reading

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