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I wonder how many celebrities are sincere in their faith

Besides Kirk Cameron, I mean. This article from Ministry Values turned out to be pretty entertaining. They make a point of mentioning Mark Wahlberg who has a Catholic priest vet every movie role before he signs on. Apparently J.K. Rowling … Continue reading

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DiCaprio is a good actor, but he’s not God…

This isn’t stopping a woman from claiming she’s pregnant with the son of god, though. Leonardo DiCaprio has gotten a restraining order on Livia Bistriceanu, who has been going around telling the world that she’s his wife, as well. “[Bistriceanu] … Continue reading

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The One Minion Search Party, vol. 35

Someone hunted for say anything recently. While it’s impossible to know what the intention of that was, it’s the title of a John Cusack movie but not one I recall liking very much. Don’t ask me why because I don’t … Continue reading

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Did Doctor Who get younger because people don’t trust old people anymore?

I don’t know why this came to mind today, but I’m wondering. The first Doctor, William Hartnell, was not a young man. The character was a grandfather who dragged his own granddaughter and her teachers on these wild adventures. He … Continue reading

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I went to see Shutter Island yesterday

and while I could be all spoilerific with it, I won’t bother. I’ll just describe it as one of those shows where it’s either going to unfold this way, or that way. If you guess right (and haven’t read the … Continue reading

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Producer wants white Jesus for play, anti-racist campaign gets into the act

It’s out of the Telegraph. Bonnie Greer, apparently the writer of the play, Passion of Jesus was appalled by the “depressingly insular view of the world”: “I thought we had got over the idea that Jesus always had to be … Continue reading

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Started watching True Blood season 1

And so far I like it – but not because of Sookie and Bill. No, it’s the rest of the regulars that are making it enjoyable. Tara’s awesome, Sam is sweet, and Jason’s hilarious. Why did they pick Anna Paquin … Continue reading

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Goodnight, Patrick Swayze

Can’t claim he was ever a favourite actor of mine, but what gal didn’t lust after him a little in Dirty Dancing, and Ghost, eh? I hope he was able to look back and decide it was a good life … Continue reading

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So Harry Potter is an atheist?

Well, he never did go to church now, did he? Actually, the actor who plays him has outed himself in the media. Daniel Radcliffe is not ashamed to say he’s an atheist: in an interview to promote the latest instalment … Continue reading

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Khan we go on without Ricardo Montalban?

I see he passed away yesterday, too. I dimly recall Fantasy Island but mostly because of his little buddy (“Look boss! Da plane! Da plane!”). He’ll always be Khan to me.

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