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Today’s found on Facebook — bare bum spanks for God?

Via Rawstory we learn of a Little League coach taking dubious advice from a Bible-based child-rearing book. Jonathan Shawn Russell was in court in North Carolina accused of spanking his players, ages 8 and 9 at the time. The book’s … Continue reading

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God-fearing: how is this a good thing?

I wound up at gotquestions.org when looking up the notion of god-fearing. As an unbeliever it sounds ludicrious to want to be afraid of your own god, unless the whole point of promoting fear is to promote unwavering loyalty and … Continue reading

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Violence and women and sports stars

I don’t care about world politics and I don’t care much about sports either. War over borders or war over stupid metal trophies — it’s all a bunch of posturing and elitism and people getting hurt. Often civilians. Take this … Continue reading

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Nate Phelps gave an interesting talk last night

He gave the audience a run down of his upbringing under the demanding and watchful eyes of Fred Phelps, creator of the Westboro Baptist Church. He described some of the abuse he and his mother and siblings went through when … Continue reading

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Psychologist underfire for planting satanic cult memories

(Note: This was typed up prior to my hand injury. I like that WordPress lets people schedule posts to run later. Too bad I didn’t see the future and prepare more of these…) That’s Lisa Nasseff’s story and she’s sticking … Continue reading

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Why follow a god that permits abuse?

Oh right, so abusers can justify spanking their children to death. Kevin and Elizabeth Shatz spanked Lidia 7 hours (with a few prayer breaks in between) and it resulted in severe tissue damage causing death. That site offers part 1 … Continue reading

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Jesus declared guilty of assault

From the Chronicle Herald: A Halifax man who thinks he’s Jesus and tried to use the Bible to defend himself on charges of assaulting his wife and child was found guilty on nine charges Monday in Halifax provincial court. “Freedom … Continue reading

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