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back in time to 2007 – purity balls

had a livejournal long before wordpress and have a folder on this computer with some of the writing i did on it: I wouldn’t find out about this stuff if it weren’t for FARK. This from yesterday for example. I … Continue reading

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I understand why certain people want to push abstinence in schools

When I was in grade 10 (1990) I thought it was weird to see a girl in grade 12 pregnant. I sat beside her in band and it was just …weird. Why does that happen? is probably something I asked … Continue reading

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Atheist Scruples: Let’s talk about sex, maybe…

You have adolescent children. An out-of-town friend is visiting with her new boyfriend. Do you let your guests sleep together? This is a two bedroom duplex so no. The kid has one room, we have the other. Any guests have … Continue reading

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