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The One Minion Search Party: “Does god hate women?”

A couple hits for this question this week. Not for the first time, I look toward Religious Tolerance for an evenhanded approach to answering this one. It offers many examples out of the old testament that illustrate the low status … Continue reading

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Birth control in a university vending machine? Why not?

$25 a pop for Plan B, the morning after pill, seems a bit steep for the heavily sexually active university student, but if condoms are also offered at least someone could potentially plan ahead. A university in Pennsylvania hit the … Continue reading

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If you disagree with your church, why are you in it?

A survey from the Public Religion Research Institute was just released indicating that many Americans are willing to ignore what their church leaders preach against homosexuality and abortion. The report focused on the views of millennials (people ages 18-29) and … Continue reading

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In honour of Family Day

A reminder that not everybody wants to start one, or add to the one they have already. Via a friend on Facebook, I got a link to an article about the stresses women wanting abortions may go through when their … Continue reading

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Let’s talk about the after effects of babies

Last post I hit on a few interesting points about a recent survey done in the States regarding premarital sex and the feelings of guilt that go along with it, depending on how university students approach their religions. It was … Continue reading

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Another case of “Views” getting in the way of doing one’s job

I work for the library. I’m not doing my actual job right now; I’m working a nice full-time term elsewhere in the system while someone’s off doing Library School. My usual half-time hours are spent behind a check-out desk. I … Continue reading

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“disabled children are God’s punishment”

That’s the voiced opinion of a Virginia State Delegate, Bob Marshall. He’s of the mindset that disabled kids happen because their moms aborted their first kids and now God’s punishing those moms. He made that statement Thursday at a press … Continue reading

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Quotable irony

I delved into WORLDmag.com for ideas for this post and found an opinion piece by Warren Cole Smith about the ongoing “War on Christmas.” First of all, Jesus is most certainly not the reason for the orgiastic spending spree modern … Continue reading

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What’s more important, Communion or human rights?

Since this is a Catholic conundrum, the answer is obviously Communion. Shea, who has left the Catholic church, says he doesn’t understand why Tobin is targeting Kennedy. “Everybody, including these priests, deserve Communion. Because that’s the whole point of it. … Continue reading

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Fascination isn’t what makes Christians keep their faith…

From Esquire of all places: The more I have read the Bible and studied the life of Jesus, the more I have become convinced that Christianity spreads best not through force but through fascination. But over the past few decades … Continue reading

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