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Where was I?

Hey, how’s Covid-19 treating you? I’m fine. I’m working from home with my library stuff and that’s not too bad a thing. Our reopening plan is as yet unknown but it’s part of “phase 4” for the province which is … Continue reading

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Not a damned thing. Just never get around to adding more content…

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Where was I? Oh right.. breaking promises…

I shouldn’t really promise to update this because chances are good that I’ll find something else to do instead…

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Cast is finally off!

Came off yesterday morning but then my whole arm felt horribly weak and stiff and awkward so I didn’t do anything beyond read and do my painful exercises. Today was kid care all day and painful exercises. Should manage a … Continue reading

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so very yired .. tired

I get up at 5:30 to hop a bus to work and get home again at 5:00, achy and exhausted. No idea when I will be able to drive the car again…

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Watch the film Your Name

Watch it in Japanese with subtitles because the English dub is never good enough, to my mind. Bawled by eyes out watching this wonderful, sad, beautiful picture this weekend. Cannot put into words how it much moved me. Mitsuha and … Continue reading

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broken wrist. yay.

last time was left one. now right. go see me at facebook–can click share with left hand… 1minionsopinion

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