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1minion invites God in – Do Not Fear

This is page 32 (use tag: “inviting god in” for more of the series). Say to those who are of a fearful heart, Be strong, do not fear! Here is your God! Isaiah 35:4 Fear is inevitable. A year or … Continue reading

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first day back to work went all right

I have one of the rare library jobs where I’m completely unique and after my unexpected wrist hiatus, some co-workers have discovered they have no idea exactly what all I do there beyond what I was hired to do. But … Continue reading

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update: better cast, still broken

slows me down typing up new stuff. Today was some agony as i went to wrist doc for more xrays and a checkup and the cast dude was unimpressed by ER doc’s casting methods. He then took out his annoyance … Continue reading

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update: wrist still broken

Was out of house by 8:40 yesterday to visit medi clinic for a sick note and bused to work to drop it off, getting there at 11:30. Chatted with staff and helped my helper with a few things, then missed … Continue reading

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Busy book readin’

I’ll do up some proper “reviews” later, but I’m really digging into some interesting murder mysteries these days. The fictional kind. Although, the library did just get the new book The Man from the Train that touches on the Villisca … Continue reading

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Tuesday snark rant – anonymous passive aggressive note leavers can go to hell

Random carelessness was all it was, as happens to everyone at some point. “Sent to wrong location” was all the sticky note needed as a .. well, note. But no, not this note. Not from this random ass person who … Continue reading

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Insert art here

For lack of other ideas.

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In lieu of anything noteworthy…

Have some geese.

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Don’t have time to write this morning

At least, not to the extent I like. Unrelated, but stressing me out already: Saskatoon Transit and the City are having a bit of a fight right now and no buses are running. We only have one car and the … Continue reading

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ARRRR, Talk Like a Pirate Day arrives again…

And this time I got advanced warning from a friend on Facebook. Usually I don’t remember until it’s too late to dress for it. September 19th. How hard is that? (ship via) And now, some pirate and pasta jokes. It’s … Continue reading

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