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Quotable Bum

From this post: Fundamentally, skepticism is a moral and ethical position, not a specifically intellectual position. If you don’t actively cultivate the idea that it’s good to be wrong, that it’s good to be corrected, that it’s good to change … Continue reading

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Quotable lyrics

The planet’s talking about a revolution The natural laws ain’t got no constitution They’ve got a right to live their own life But we keep paving over paradise ‘Cause we’re only human Yes we are, only human If it’s our … Continue reading

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Quotable minister (perhaps a first here)

This is coming from Dr. Raulston Nehbhard in the Jamaican Observer. He’s writing about the dangerous habit fundamentalist ministers have of putting their words in God’s mouth, especially those ministers who think they are somehow higher beings just by the … Continue reading

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It’s (inter)National Day of Reason

To celebrate, some quotes: Reasoning is a robust source of hope in a world darkened by murky deeds. – Economist Amartya Sen When we blindly adopt a religion, a political system, a literary dogma, we become automatons. We cease to … Continue reading

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Quotable Arab (a first for me)

It’s from an article at the Arab Times, regarding religion as commodity. I’m assuming STC is some kind of internet phone service? Whatever it is, the author of the piece is commenting on how it feels to be bombarded by … Continue reading

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Philip Pullman: his book will lead people back to the Bible

Quote mining can be a lot of fun. I also considered: Philip Pullman: ‘It’s not his fault he’s old and silly’ and Philip Pullman talks politics: ‘I don’t trust them as far as I could throw them.’ The actual article … Continue reading

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Vatican distracts more followers – forgives the Beatles

Apparently the Vatican has now decided the “more popular than Jesus” idea is no reason to get their nose out of joint anymore so it’s tributes for all of them. Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano paid tribute to the Fab Four … Continue reading

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Quotable movie making suggestion

Someone should take, say, the top two hundred movies of the Eighties, print their names on little cards, and put the cards in that spinny drum the lotto people use. Another drum could have the names of all the members … Continue reading

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Quoteable book reader

Inside Higher Ed has a link to an L.A. Times article about a recently released list of professor-chosen 40 bad books via 10 pages worth of PDF for those who want eye strain. Twilight does not get a mention, but … Continue reading

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“Think for yourself, Shmuck!”

While looking for the next quote to honour Freedom to Read Week, I found Robert Anton Wilson and an interview he gave back in 2000 (break added): Freedom of communication represents the greatest threat our Power Elite has ever confronted. … Continue reading

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