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Trump doesn’t understand Jesus?

I avoid politics in here generally but, via Newsweek, apparently Trump’s tweets about Christ’s paternity raised more than a few eyebrows lately… “According to the bible, GOD was the father of Jesus. Faux Christian Trump who does not attend church!” … Continue reading

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Who stuck a note up Jesus’s butt?

It happened 300 years ago but they know… Restorers of an 18th-century statue of Jesus Christ in Spain have found a handwritten note hidden up his bum. The message, written carefully in calligraphy and dating back to 1777, had been … Continue reading

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Dear Christians – lions don’t care about Jesus

Please stop trying to show the strength of your faith by facing one or more of them. This news story from South Africa’s Kruger National Park: • Zion Church member Alec Ndiwane wanted to show God would save him • … Continue reading

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naked vegetables are obscene?

When it’s a veg that looks like legs and private parts, yes.. It looked like a human body in a sitting position, two long legs stretching forward with one leaning slightly on the other. There is even a piece slightly … Continue reading

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Washington has a Museum of the Bible now

Yay? Road trip, anyone? Gee, I have so much holiday time left but zero ambition to visit that. It’s eight floors of Bible goodness, right there in D.C. But, as I’ve learned, there’s some concern over how the museum acquired … Continue reading

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Couple can’t adopt because they’re Christian?

Christian persecution! Christian persecution! Or is it? At first glance of the headlines one may think so, but them getting denied is not specifically because they’re Christian. Plenty of Christian couples are allowed to adopt children in Alberta, I’d wager. … Continue reading

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Does God care about Football? Rider fan nun thinks so

There’s something football related going on. Apparently Saskatoon’s Mayor, Charlie Clark, has announced that Friday, November 17 is Green Shirt Day in honour of the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Not that I find website proof of this statement anywhere, nor do I … Continue reading

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