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A Question of Atheist Scruples – unscrupulous media edition

Your gritty current affairs program is in a ratings war. You can take the lead by broadcasting the ‘execution of the week.’ Do you? Now the game shows its age a wee bit. There was a time, boys and girls, … Continue reading

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It’s a new year, so there’s a new end of the world prediction

Mark your calendars for June 24th 2018. And then on June 25th, guess when the updated world ending prediction will drop. I’m gonna guess October 27. As good a date as any. This is old news from the start of … Continue reading

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There are not enough exorcists

is not a statement I agree with. A Catholic priest is warning the world of imminent demonic activity, apparently. Going by this Newsweek article: An Irish priest has put out an urgent call for backup to help with the growing … Continue reading

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1minion invites God in – a tender welcoming home

Here we are at page 34 of Joyce Rupp’s book, Inviting God In. …with great tenderness I will take you back…says the Lord, your redeemer. Isiah 54:7-8 Joyce’s point for this devotion is the return of the penitent, essentially. That … Continue reading

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Hidden texts revealed in ancient manuscripts

Cool story out of the Smithsonian: Last summer, Giulia Rossetto, a specialist in ancient texts at the University of Vienna, was on a train home to Pordenone, in northern Italy, when she switched on her laptop and opened a series … Continue reading

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Best explanation yet for Shroud of Turin

Yes, it’s Christmastime not Easter, but I was listening to the back catalogue of a podcast while at work called History Today and wanted to look into the story again once I had a chnace. From 2014 and the Guardian: … Continue reading

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Armchair art critics decide art is inappropriate

In particular, a piece at the New York Met. (via the article) The piece, “Thérèse Dreaming” by the French artist Balthus, “sexualizes” the girl by depicting her lounging in a skirt with her knee up on a chair, according to … Continue reading

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