A Question of Atheist Scruples – wedding edition

You are getting married and want a small, intimate wedding. Your parents who are paying insist on a large, showy affair. Do you let your parents have their way?

I think my mother wanted me to get married back home and have the classic bridal shower with farm/local neighbours I don’t even know to get presents I don’t really need, and have to decorate a hall with crepe paper and silver bells and marry in a church I don’t attend..

Instead, I had a small do in Saskatoon with maybe 50 people total, at an art gallery, and skipped having a dance, a bridal shower, a gift opening, and most of whatever counts as “tradition”. I carried a book (Outlander, wrapped in paper to match the wedding red and because the Hubs reminds me of Jamie) instead of flowers and we had a justice of the peace. And yes, I did pass on inviting a couple people Mom wanted there as friends of the family. Not my friends…

It was lovely!

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